Dhillon on Angry Mob Hitting the 2020 Race

Dhillon on Angry Mob Hitting the 2020 Race

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Angry Mob Hitting the 2020 Race

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Of course, there would be an outrage as there should be, but of course the tea party would never do that and there was no such rioting or controversy after last week’s Democratic convention in any way. We just don’t act like that. So, we have a double standard in our media and in what we tolerate as a society, unfortunately.

Well, I mean, we can all see as Americans with our own two eyes what is happening in our cities. In my own city of San Francisco, we had rioting and looting at the earliest opportunity several months ago, and throughout the United States and blue states, shopfronts are boarded up and that’s not because they’re afraid COVID is going to come in through the windows, they’re afraid that opportunists are going to take advantage and loot, which has nothing to do with racial justice at all, but we’ve seen it in Minneapolis, we’ve seen it in Kenosha, we’ve seen it in so many other cities in America, and it is disgraceful and as African-Americans and other minorities begin to look at this and see how poorly it reflects on the movement for racial justice, which is, of course, an important one in our country. People are backing away and distancing themselves from the Marxist-influenced and founded Black Lives Matters Corporate movement.

Well, who’s standing for that? There’s no Republican who’s standing for any of that. In fact, President Trump has been one of the strongest in history, if not the strongest on criminal justice reform in all of the years that Barack Obama was in office, what did he do for racial justice? He did nothing for racial justice. In fact, it is Joe Biden’s policies during the Clinton era and legislation that he proposed that put many African-Americans in jail, many life sentences. We heard from some of those people who’ve been pardoned by the president today, the president pardoned somebody who’d been put in jail by some of these unjust policies that have racial disparity sentencing for crack cocaine, for example. So the president and by the way, Rand Paul, are among two of the biggest advocates for equality and justice in our country. And increasingly, minorities are recognizing that. The president did quite well compare to prior Republicans with African-American and Latino voters. Our party did even better in the midterms in that, and I think Democrats are very scared that the president is going to reap historical vote totals from those communities because those communities recognize that the president is the president for them, and has risen their opportunity jobs, expansion of businesses and protected all of their businesses with the PPP.

Well, absolutely. I think the president has absolutely forged ahead, even despite lack of support from frankly both parties in the legislature, and he’s doing what he thinks is right for America and he’s done that since day one, and I think American people see that. Today, it’s the Democrats who were standing in the way of economic relief for Americans. It’s the Democrats who are standing in the way of some of these justice reforms. And as Democrats who don’t want to see republicans take the lead on these issues as they have failed to lead for so many decades in power.

Well, I mean, it’s tragic. I had tears in my eyes. I’m sure most Americans did when they were watching that. But you know that we know where the president stands and Ann Dorn explained that to the people. Where do Democrats stand? Kamala Harris has repeatedly called for donations to the bail funds for rioters and looters in American cities. That’s where she stands. And as the Attorney General of California, what did she do for criminal justice reform or for African-Americans? She put a lot of people in jail, but she did nothing to make sentencing disparities more fair, or anything like that. And so the disparity and the dichotomy between these two choices could not be more clear. Only President Trump has solutions for inequities in our society and is lifting up people who have been discriminated against. Democrats are offering more of the same. They totally failed the African-American community and that’s why you were seeing so many little leading democrats including legislators, mayors, community leaders, pastors, business owners, flocked to support President Trump for his reelection and those are people who may not have supported him in 2016. But he has walked the walk and talked the talk.

My pleasure. Thank you.

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