Dhillon on Shameless Dems Attack and Smear Amy Coney Barrett

Dhillon on Shameless Dems Attack and Smear Amy Coney Barrett

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Shameless Dems Attack and Smear Amy Coney Barrett

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

That’s her reflex. Her reflex is to play the victim and be put upon and also that kind of bullying bossing mannerism that she has that’s so grading and that grading voice and that grading fake demeanor. So I think overall, even though Kamala Harris apparently mistook this hearing about a Supreme Court nominee as a campaign opportunity, because she spoke for about 95% of the 44 minutes or so today, on a monologue about the Affordable Care Act and a couple of other issues. She did herself no favors, I think and she showed herself to be an inept cross examiner. I mean, the big build up to these hearings, as they were with the Kavanaugh hearing is |Oh, she’s such a great cross examiner. She’s going to slay her.” She couldn’t cross examine her way out of a paper bag. I think Rob and I would both agree with that. It was really quite pathetic. And, and the witness really ran circles around her there. It was something to see Laura.

The whole thing today was a comedy of errors and it showed first of all as time and again in many other settings how our senators don’t know how to use technology. Kamala Harris had that problem yesterday with the zoom boom voice from hell. But, overall it was a poor showing. We really expect better from our senators. They should be better prepared. And if they don’t have something productive to say, we should move on. I heard Kamala Harris talk a lot about “Oh, it’s only 16 days of cramming it through,’ but she wasted 95% of her time talking about something totally off point. So they have plenty of time to do this. It wasn’t even about Amy Coney Barrett at all today.

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