Dhilllon on Trump Scotus Pick

Dhilllon on Trump Scotus Pick

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Trump Scotus Pick

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Absolutely. Justice Ginsburg was right then. I don’t know what her dying words or wishes were but they are not constitutionally relevant with all due respect. I disagree with Rob. I think this confirmation is going to be nastier. It already is. In the Kavanaugh situation, we didn’t have mobs threatening violence in the streets over these issues, we didn’t have picketing of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s home to pressure him physically and loudly, and we did not have Senate packing. We did not have some of the other threats that they are throwing at us. The court packing is a FDR thuggery, it’s long time ago they’ve been saying that. I think this is going to be everything on the table and I hope it’s everything on the table from the Republican side too. I say that as a Republican because too many people on our side are talking about the rules of croquet when the other side is coming to this with mobs and nunchucks and weapons.

Biden himself, Biden himself did. Biden himself later in the proceedings went on to claim publicly that there would be women dying in the streets of back alley abortions, et cetera, et cetera, if Robert Bork became a Supreme Court Justice. By the way, I was so disoriented. He was able to speak in full sentences, and commas, and clauses. That’s not the Joe Biden of today. But the Joe Biden of today has the same lack of principle, his party has the same lack of principle but now they are bringing violence. It is real. We are seeing in every city in America. You are frankly not paying attention if you don’t think it’s going to happen now to pressure senators who were on the fence, to pressure members of the public, to make us stay home. If there’s one good thing about COVID, Laura, it is that there aren’t going to be a gallery full of these leftists pressuring in person. That’s one good thing. And so, the stakes are very high, Laura. You know. And I’m sure, you’re going to be talking about it. COVID litigation. Our liberty. There are so many important issues beyond abortion that have to be placed at the highest level.

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