Dhillon on SCOTUS

Dhillon on SCOTUS

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss SCOTUS

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I think that it is not surprising after all these years of thuggery by Democrats that they’re ratcheting up the ante right now. You even had Mazie Hirono, senator from Hawaii today, urging people to rise up, which is implicitly encouraging violence that’s already occurring in some of our cities, and that’s echoing other commentary. Look, this is illegitimate. When the Democrats can’t win at polls, they use these tactics to stall, block, threaten, and delay. Constitution provides the president nominates and the Senate gives its advice and consent where they’re of the same party, almost always in our history dating back to the 1880s has that Supreme Court nominee been confirmed and the same result should occur in this situation, Liz.

It’s absolutely right. The word “bork” is now a verb in all of the major dictionaries because that’s what the Democrats did to Robert Bork, eminently qualified jurist, who they destroyed with false allegations and smears. And, in that case, who was leading the pact? It was Senator Joe Biden who did that. And so, they have had no compunction, you mentioned Miguel Estrada, somebody who I knew in those days as well and Miguel was blocked even from going on the DC Circuit because they were concerned that if they let a qualified Latino get on to that bench that he would immediately be on the short list for the Supreme Court. That is how dirty they play. We all saw it with Justice Kavanaugh, but the Democrats don’t remember that. We are on to their game. So they already tried this with Amy Coney Barrett, with Senator Feinstein, saying absolutely disgustingly, bigoted things about her faith. So what else are they going to do to her? They’ve already rolled out the bigotry. I’d be interested to I see what they have left. They have used it up. They’ve used up their goodwill. We’re on to their game now. I hope that Republicans stand strong and do their job, and not be swayed by all of these rhetoric about dying wishes, etc., none of which is in the Constitution.

Hysterical thuggery.

I mean, what could that mean? What are those? Physical threats? These people have life tenure. Every single federal judge has life tenure. They can be impeached if they commit crimes, like Alcee Hastings, one of the Democrats in the Congress. But, short of that, there’s nothing they can do to those individuals. Now, what can they do to the court? They can butcher a century and a half of the legaacy of the court and its size and the way it operates. They can try that. I don’t think they’re going to have the votes to do that even if they win back a narrow control of the Senate. This is all talk. This is hype. This is intimidation. This is bluster. This is not going to succeed. We are on to them.

Thank you, Liz.

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