Dhillon on Melania Trump Blasting Former Aide and 2020 Election

Dhillon on Melania Trump Blasting Former Aide and 2020 Election

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Melania Trump Blasting Former Aide and 2020 Election

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

First, my thought was, everybody who was paying attention predicted this because it is no coincidence for somebody to have had this so-called hacking problem three times in a row and we become used to this type of bias. My only question is, why wasn’t he fired? Because Liz, you’d be fired for that. I would fire somebody in my business for that. I don’t know why he was fired instead. Maybe they think that it’ll just go away and he can continue his career after the election. So, no accountability. And, that’s really disappointing.

First of all, I say good for the First Lady for fighting back. That’s the appropriate response to despicable people, like this woman who inveigled herself into the White House and then secretly taped the person who she was working for, who was supposedly her friend. But, what’s so interesting, Elizabeth, is that when you listen to this tape, I and I think many other people who heard it actually think it puts the First Lady in a very positive light, that she wants to do something about the children. She wants to do something about human trafficking. She wants and bring stories to the media, but they refuse to cover them. And, she would rather help people as First Lady then deal with the Christmas decorations. I think every woman can identify with that. And so, I actually love her more after hearing those tapes. I think it backfired. I hope nobody buys this trashy book. And I hope that this writer is forced in a lawsuit to disgorge every dollar for violating her nondisclosure agreement for when she got that job.

I think we have also become used to this type of discrimination and difference but, look on the Savannah Guthrie side, she was basically debating President Trump. By my count, she asked about four times as many questions than the actual citizens who are supposed to be asking questions in the town hall. She was very rude. She interrupted him. And clearly, I think her role there was to appease the NBC News employees who were upset that these dueling town halls happened. And at the same time, on the other side, George Stephanopoulos asked a bunch of softball questions, as you said, did not ask any hard questions. But beyond that, the citizens in the audience who were allowed to ask questions included spouses of former Democratic candidates, included Democratic party officials, this is disgraceful that the media is continuingly stacking the deck this way. And the final point I have about this is, “Hey, if they can both do town halls at the same time and answering questions to voters, why couldn’t they have done that in the same place?” That would have been more illuminating for the voters than the sham we saw last night switching back and forth between channels if you were doing that.

Look, I just did a press conference on something. And the media typically is like a swarm of locusts. When they want a answer from you, they’d jump all over you and they beat you up until you give an answer. There’s never been any follow up questions to this question, or other hard questions, as you pointed out, that to me as a person who’s got a 401(k), it’s quite shocking and alarming that Joe Biden wants to tax this tax free vehicle. That’s alarming, but nobody asked that question. And on the other side, you could hardly get a citizen’s question in edgewise between Savannah Guthrie trying to be woke. It was as if she were auditioning for press secretary in a Biden administration the way she was going after the president. So I don’t think it was very illuminating for the voters.

Well, I mean, there’s going to be litigation, I can tell you all sign up to be a plaintiff in that case. But look, bottom line, when you look at what they’re trying to do, Elizabeth, they’re trying to disincentivize citizens from taking care of themselves and for providing from themselves and make us all dependent on the government. And, that is outrageous. And, if anybody is approaching retirement or in retirement, they need to be very alarmed at this power grab that will leave them destitute.

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