Dhillon on Trump Expected to Attack Biden at Debate

Dhillon on Trump Expected to Attack Biden at Debate

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Trump Expected to Attack Biden at Debate

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

First, I would say that the president is by far not only campaigning on the Biden’s, I would say it’s not being mentioned enough. But, the president is talking about his record. I mean, this isn’t part of referendum on his record, and he’s done a tremendous job growing our economy, but the Biden story cannot be ignored and it is not just because of the implications for the next four years but crimes may have been committed in our country by the Biden family and by his son peddling access for whatever his reasons were. I mean, we know all the state, the foreign oligarchs and kleptocrats that you mentioned from different countries, this is selling access to our country and to the White House. That could be a crime and so that needs to be investigated for the integrity of our entire system of government.

The way that the entire debate situation has evolved. This year has been very disappointing, and I say that as a Republican. I know that Republicans agree to this format. But never again, should we agree to let the left and let liberal reporters control this process, cutting off the president potentially, which is what the Democrats apparently want to do during this important last debate is terrible. We need to be hearing from each of these candidates what their vision is. And so, in terms of that question regarding briefing the Senate, yes, the fact that a person close to the vice president was selling access to the White House, and in fact, we see photographs with some of these very shady foreign characters with Joe Biden in different locations. We need to get to the bottom of that. And in terms of disinformation, yes, I am concerned that foreign governments are targeting family members of the Biden’s – the potential future president. So all of that needs to be briefly, if the debate moderator will not ask the important questions on everybody’s mind, I am confident the president is going to throw those questions out and put Joe Biden to the test. Even though there is this two-minute clock, there is going to be six minutes of un-clocked, uninterrupted discussion time where they can hopefully exchange views during each segment and I’m pretty sure the President will ask some hard questions.

Well, no, I don’t expect the media to push harder because the media gets its talking points from these very people who have betrayed their oath to our country. And I say that not lightly, but the very same people who are saying, “Oh my God, Russian disinformation.” They said the same thing about President Trump and they said it knowing that was not true. So why would we be surprised that they’re saying this? Look, I’m just a simple country lawyer, Elizabeth, but in a courtroom, somebody coming with an affidavit like this signed by 50 people who have no personal knowledge, the judge would throw that out as totally incompetent. It’s not evidence of anything other than their bias, and their support for Joe Biden and willingness to do it by any means necessary. But, the most shocking thing here is how big tech has suppressed truth for reporting on this very scandal and it may be too late for the Senate and this Congress to do anything about it. But boy, what a missed opportunity if we’re not able to hold them accountable for lying to the American people that way.

Absolutely, I mean, of course, they should. And, look, in our proud history in the United States, and I’m a First Amendment lawyer, journalists have been responsible for getting to the bottom of some major cover ups in our country, major crimes, pollution issues, abuse of children, abuse of human beings and trafficking. Why are they abdicating their responsibility and their tremendous power in this critical time? Shouldn’t we all like to know if there are members of any political family in the United States who have been compromised, if there are politicians running for our highest office in the country who have taken bribes. That’s really the allegation. We are not to put too fine a point on it. Has Joe Biden to benefit his son or to benefit himself financially compromised his position, let thugs or criminals or crooks into the White House or into his orbit, done favors for them as almost certainly seems to be the case with the Burisma situation. People need to know one way or the other. And maybe, you know, if you were a good reporter, and you wanted Joe Biden to win, you would help him out by getting to the bottom of this, and assuring people that these emails are fake, that the people who are on them did not actually send them or receive them. But they’re not doing their jobs, what they are doing is troping directly to suppressing all of this information. And by doing so, they’re destroying their own credibility as supposed objective arbiters of the truth and information.

Oh, absolutely. And boy, this story is just getting started, Liz. And so, I think that we’re going to hear a lot more about it and we’re going to see other shady characters pop up over coming days.

Thanks, Liz. All right.

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