First Amendment Attorneys

First Amendment Attorneys

Dhillon Law Group Inc. has a robust First Amendment practice that includes representing clients in court and counseling clients on the nuances of free speech law and the associated legal rights and liabilities. Our federal court practice includes claims under 42 USC Section 1983, for violations of our clients’ freedom of expression and First Amendment retaliation, and our work in this area has received national news coverage.

See litigation on behalf of student group at the University of California, Berkeley, in connection with the deprivation of their free speech rights on campus.

See Problematic Women: Ladies, Know Your First Amendment Rights.


We also regularly litigate defamation (libel and slander) and invasion of privacy claims in both state and federal court, on behalf of individuals and organizations. We are proud of our success at achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in these matters, often in pre-litigation negotiations or the early stages of litigation, by using our deep knowledge and experience in First Amendment matters to present a strong, targeted, and persuasive case.


Anti-SLAPP Litigation

Our firm is one of a select few offering a distinct focus on litigation arising under California’s anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law, legislation which seeks to encourage participation in matters of public significance and ensure that such participation is not chilled through abuse of the judicial process.

Our anti-SLAPP attorneys are highly knowledgeable about the complicated procedural and substantive considerations that apply to prosecuting and defending an anti-SLAPP motion, and our case work has created new law in this area.

Our attorneys regularly present at seminars throughout California on anti-SLAPP law issues, and are also frequently published on these topics. Some representative anti-SLAPP matters our firm has handled include:

  • Achieving early dismissal of a defamation case through successful anti-SLAPP motion filed on behalf of a university student, resulting in the creation of new law holding that Title IX proceedings constitute “official proceedings” for the purpose of an anti-SLAPP analysis (read more);
  • Achieving early dismissal through successful anti-SLAPP motion filed in a high-profile dispute among competing factions of a Los Angeles-based political party;
  • Successfully defeating an anti-SLAPP motion on behalf of an individual in a defamation action in San Mateo County.


Legal Advice on Speech Issues

Dhillon Law Group Inc. provides counsel to its clients on the nuances of free speech law and our clients’ associated legal rights and liabilities. We regularly advise on matters involving commercial speech, including issues stemming from the posting of reviews on online platforms (which is ubiquitous in today’s world), the potential liability that can arise from such conduct, and what our clients can do if they find themselves being defamed by an anonymous source.

We help educate and inform our clients on the interplay between intellectual property law, unfair competition law, and confidentiality or non-disclosure concerns. How and to what extent these issues affect and limit free speech.

We also advise our clients on the differences between the speech of private citizens and government employees. Our First Amendment attorneys are also well-versed in media law and press/publicity issues, and we leverage these skills to ensure the best possible advocacy for our clients. They rely on us to ensure protection of their constitutional rights both in and outside the courtroom.

Our attorneys regularly present at seminars throughout California on First Amendment, anti-SLAPP and free speech issues, including at public and private institutions and universities, and are also frequently published on these topics.

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