Chloe Cole v. Kaiser Permanente

Case Overview

The Dhillon Law Group and LiMandri & Jonna LLP, in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty, sent a letter of intent to sue to the Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan & Kaiser Foundation Hospitals who performed, supervised, and/or advised transgender hormone therapy and surgical intervention for Chloe Cole when she was between 13-17 years old.

“My teenage life has been the culmination of excruciating pain, regret, and most importantly injustice,” Cole said. “I have been emotionally and physically damaged and stunted by so-called medical professionals in my most important developmental period. I was butchered by an institution that we trust more than anything else in our lives. What is worse is that I am not alone in my pain. I will see to the fact that the blood and tears of detransitioners like myself will not lay waste. It is impossible for me to recoup what I have lost, but I will insure no children will be harmed at the hands of these liars and mutilators.”

“The medical system shouldn’t dictate the future of young children’s lives. Through this legal action, the ‘professionals’ involved will be held accountable for their despicable plot to mutilate children and financially benefit from it,” said Center for American Liberty’s CEO, Harmeet Dhillon (@pnjaban). “We will break the cycle of them breaking our children before it’s too late.”

Background: Chloe is a biological female who suffered from a perceived psychological issue “gender dysphoria” beginning at 9-years-old. Under Defendants’ advice and supervision, between 13-17 years-old, Chole underwent harmful transgender treatment, specifically, off-label puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone treatment, and a double mastectomy.

Throughout Chloe’s medical experience in California, the facilities and institutions actively promoted, encouraged, and advertised the availability of these treatments. Chloe and her parents were not informed of the option for psychiatric treatment or an approach that attempted to treat the underlying psychological conditions to bring about a mental state congruent with Chloe’s biological sex.

Defendants also falsely informed Chloe and her parents that Chloe was at a high risk for suicide, unless she socially and medically transitioned to appear more like a male. Chloe has been informed by her parents that Defendants even gave them the ultimatum: “would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?”

Chloe will be seeking punitive damages based on the evidence of malice, oppression and fraud.

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