Dhillon Law Group Obtains Complete Dismissal in Federal Court on Behalf of Client Over False Accusation of Racketeering

Case Overview

Boca Raton, Fla., – The Dhillon Law Group has obtained a complete dismissal with prejudice in federal court on behalf of one of its long-time clients, National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS), while simultaneously obtaining a $65,000 final judgment against Macy Hanson, the lawyer who filed the now-dismissed lawsuit.

The multi-year legal battle was a result of Macy Hanson, a Mississippi attorney, filing a series of baseless lawsuits against NLSS, a staffing company that provides administrative services to a separate law firm, falsely accusing them of racketeering.

“This victory has been a long time coming for our client, who has been unfairly targeted by Mr. Hanson in a series of false accusations about their business practices, with the goal of ruining our client’s reputation,” said Matt Sarelson, Partner at the Dhillon Law Group and the lead attorney representing NLSS. “It is our goal to move forward from this multi-year attempt to besmirch our client and restore its reputation.”

Hanson has been continuously suing NLSS over the course of five years. All of his lawsuits were dismissed with prejudice, except one lawsuit resulting in a relatively nominal settlement just to avoid legal fees. The agreement included a confidentiality and non-disparagement provision, which was breached by Mr. Hanson a month after its execution.

Mr. Hanson’s conduct required NLSS to file suit against a former employee in Florida state court after he obtained a now discredited affidavit under questionable circumstances. That state court lawsuit ended with a settlement requiring the former employee to acknowledge her non-disclosure agreement and prohibiting Mr. Hanson from using the now discredited affidavit. Hanson breached that agreement a month later.

Mr. Hanson successfully sued in Palm Beach, Florida for breaching both agreements. The trial court entered a detailed final judgment concluding that as a matter of law he breached both agreements and awarding NLSS approximately $65,000.00 in damages.

“After years of being under constant legal assault from Mr. Hanson, a federal judge completely dismissed the latest suit,” said Sarelson. “With Hanson choosing to not appeal the dismissal in federal court, and the client obtaining a $65,000 final judgment against Macy Hanson for breaching both agreements, our client can finally breathe a sigh of relief and work on restoring their good reputation.”

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