GOP Defends Georgia Election Laws

Case Overview

Georgia’s legitimate election integrity laws are under assault by a Democrat SuperPAC and other leftwing groups backed by dark money.

The infamous Mark Elias, a notorious left-wing lawyer, argues that it’s a violation of federal law for Georgia to disallow electronic signatures on an absentee ballot application, completely ignoring the fact that Georgia has made all voting, including absentee voting, easy and accessible.

These Democrat special interest groups have recently brought similar cases under the Federal Civil Rights Act, asking courts to adopt a distorted reading of the law.

Under the US Constitution, the State of Georgia is completely within its rights to regulate the absentee voting process and require safeguards such as a handwritten signature on its absentee ballot applications.

Laws that protect the integrity of the election process are the types of laws that the State of Georgia has a specific interest in defending because they protect the integrity of Georgia’s elections and ensure that voters and candidates can participate in fair and orderly elections.

We are confident that the court will reject this lawsuit which essentially asks the courts to rewrite Georgia’s election laws to plaintiffs’ liking.

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