Greenburg v. Wray

Case Overview

Dhillon Law Group is defending Amanda Wray and Daniel Wray in two retaliatory lawsuits. The plaintiff, Mark Greenburg, targeted Amanda and other Scottsdale Unified School District parents because these parents criticized policies implemented by the SUSD board, which includes Greenburg’s son, Jann-Michael Greenburg. In Fall 2021, the Scottsdale community was stunned to discover that Mark Greenburg maintained a comprehensive dossier about Amanda and several other SUSD parents who spoke out about SUSD policies. Mark Greenburg kept his dossier on a publicly accessible Google Drive, the web address for which Jann-Michael Greenburg disclosed in a screenshot of a file he sent to a parent. Mark Greenburg doubled down on his campaign to silence parents, alleging in a federal court complaint that Amanda violated a federal computer hacking statute by visiting a publicly accessible webpage, and in a state court complaint that Amanda defamed him and invaded his privacy by speaking out about his wrongdoing.
Dhillon Law Group responded aggressively to Mark Greenburg’s abuse of the legal system and continued targeting of Amanda. We filed motions to dismiss both complaints, and filed a special motion to strike the state court complaint under Arizona’s anti-SLAPP statute, seeking attorneys’ fees and sanctions.
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