Justice for Andy Ngo

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, our client Andy Ngo, a journalist who covers life in Portland, including a myriad of protests, was brutally targeted and assaulted by members of Antifa in Portland, Oregon. Others were also assaulted that day.

The Portland Police Department refused to intervene, and has arrested no one despite extensive video evidence of the assaults. Now, Andy is asking for your help in pursuing civil legal action against his attackers and anyone in the government who may be held accountable.

Your tax-deductible contributions will directly fund bringing the violent members of Antifa to justice, and making sure that other members of the public are not assaulted in a similar manner with impunity in the future. Legal action may also include suing government defendants for their role in creating the dangerous situation that led to Andy’s and other assaults, and holding them accountable and seeking to ensure that the Portland public is ensured equal protection of the civil rights laws in the future.

Andy Ngo violently attacks

Antifa violently attacks conservative journalist

Alleged antifa attack

Antifa attacks conservative journalist during portland protest

Conservative journalist assaulted says antifa behind attack

Journalist Andy Ngo attacked by antifa

Antifa accused of attacking reporter in Portland

Antifa symphatisers are ‘whitewashing’ violence

Unmasking the leftist antifa movement

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