Minds V. Antifa

Minds.com, a social networking site, had scheduled a one-day conference to be held at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, New Jersey. The conference was aimed at “combating racism, violence, and authoritarianism.” However, after threats of violence and social media dissension from a group of protesters known as Antifa, the venue decided to bow to pressure from anonymous thugs and cancel the event. Minds does not accept this form of fascist censorship, and is fighting back.

Our goal of raising $250,000 will be used for litigation regarding the interference with, disruption, and cancellation of the Minds.com conference in New Jersey later this month.

South Jersey theater cancels event about race relations amid threats from anti-fascist protesters

Following a social media firestorm and threatened protests, the Broadway Theatre in Pitman has canceled a controversial event about race relations that its organizers said was aimed at "combating racism, violence, and authoritarianism." The one-day conference, sponsored by Minds.com, a cryptocurrency social networking site, had been scheduled for Aug.

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