Parents v. CVUSD

Case overview

CHINO VALLEY, Ca. — Dhillon Law Group Inc., in partnership with the Center for American Liberty, filed a motion to intervene in a critical lawsuit about parents’ constitutional rights on behalf of six parents in the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD).

Recognizing that children across the country are being placed on the “gender affirming care” pipeline—a medical trajectory in which troubled children are encouraged to try to change their gender through surgeries, hormones, and off-label drugs—CVUSD adopted a very sensible policy. CVUSD’s board decided that when children “socially transition” at school and ask that the school treat them as the opposite gender, parents should be informed as the “social transition” is a critical educational and medical decision on the part of the child.

The citizens of CVUSD spoke through their democratically elected representatives when they enacted the policy. But California Attorney General Rob Bonta sued CVUSD in a bid to force CVUSD to return to a system in which parents are kept in the dark about their children’s gender identity at school. Attorney General Bonta’s lawsuit threatens the constitutional rights of CVUSD parents, as the constitution vests parents with the right to direct the educational and medical decisions of their children.

In a joint statement, the parents involved in the case said, “As parents, our primary concern is the well-being and happiness of our children. We believe that parents play a critical role in understanding their children’s needs and making informed decisions about their future. We oppose the State’s lawsuit as it infringes upon our rights and isolates our children from the support they need.”

The judge has set a hearing for October 13, 2023. At this hearing, the parents’ motion to intervene will be decided alongside Attorney General Bonta’s motion to preliminarily enjoin the enforcement of the policy.

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