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California CCW Data Breach Lawsuit

California CCW Data Breach

California CCW Data Breach Lawsuit Advertisement The Dhillon Law Group has filed a Lawsuit in Response to the California Attorney General’s Disclosure of Gun Owners’ Personal Information Sign up to

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ballot enclosed

GOP Defends Georgia Election Laws

Case Overview Georgia’s legitimate election integrity laws are under assault by a Democrat SuperPAC and other leftwing groups backed by dark money. The infamous Mark Elias, a notorious left-wing lawyer,

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Greenburg v Wray

Greenburg v. Wray

Case Overview Dhillon Law Group is defending Amanda Wray and Daniel Wray in two retaliatory lawsuits. The plaintiff, Mark Greenburg, targeted Amanda and other Scottsdale Unified School District parents because

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briana cash

Briana Cash v. Interscope Records

Briana Cash Sues Interscope Records “Briana Cash, did everything right to protect her name, brand and reputation – and Interscope just bulldozed right over it!” Los Angeles — The Dhillon

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youtube influencers

YouTube Influencers v. Piper Rockelle Inc.

Popular Social Media Creators Sue Former Manager for Sexual Battery, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Civil Conspiracy, and more. Los Angeles — The Dhillon Law Group (@dhillonlaw), on behalf of its pre-teen and

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the daily wire

Daily Wire v. Biden Administration

Motion accompanying petition asks 6th Circuit for emergency stay of overreaching Biden administration order NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Dhillon Law Group, Inc. and Alliance Defending Freedom, on behalf of The Daily Wire today filed the first in the

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Rev. Mahoney v. Capitol Police

Rev. Mahoney v. Capitol Police

Dhillon Law Group Sues U.S. Capitol Police Board to Allow 9/11 Vigil The Center for American Liberty, in-conjunction with Chavez-Ochoa Law Offices, Inc. and the Dhillon Law Group, Inc., filed

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O’Handley v. Padilla

Dhillon Law Group Fights Big Tech and Big Government Collusion Against Free Speech Big Tech and Big Government are colluding to censor your speech and we cannot let them get

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American Video v Citigroup

American Video v. Citigroup

Challenging the banks who denied small businesses loans under the Payroll Protection Program passed by Congress to provide relief from the COVID-19 economic crisis

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Benitez v. Newsom

Benitez v. Newsom

Challenging Governor Newsom’s unlawful appropriation of public funds to undocumented immigrants through politically-connected non-profits

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Givens v. Newsom Protest

Givens v. Gavin Newsom

Challenging the California State Government’s restriction of the people’s right to assemble and petition its government for a redress of grievances

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Spain's Approach To Easing Lockdown Varies By Region

Brach V. Newsom

Challenging Governor Newsom’s order barring in-classroom education in 32 counties and for 80% of California’s children

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