Most Americans Believe Social Media Sites Censor Political Views

Harmeet Dhillon

Are social media sites politically biased? Almost three-quarters of Americans think so. According to a survey carried out by Pew Research Center, 72 percent of adults believe it’s somewhat likely that companies such as Facebook and Twitter censor political views they find objectionable.

Facebook isn’t the only company to face the accusations. According to the Washington Post, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey has had secret dinners with conservative leaders to discuss potential bias on the platform.

Last year, Google employee James Damore was fired for writing a 10-page manifesto titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” He went on to sue his former employer for allegedly discriminating against white, conservative males whose views contrast those of Google execs.

Ultimately, relatively few Americans trust major tech firms to do what is right, and 51 percent say they should be more tightly regulated.

Read the full article on Techspot.

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