California Breaks Democrats Hearts

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Discusses the Primaries on Fox & Friends

According to Dhillon:

Starting here in California, we had a lot of warnings from the Democrats that there was going to be a blue wave that swamped us. We have seven Congressional races here that are in districts that Hillary Clinton carried, and so the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi were really targeting and hoping for those to go their way, and they kind of went bust. In fact, Republicans did very well. Our voters turned out in much greater numbers and percentages across California than the Democrats did, and that theme is actually carried out in the other states as well. We’ve had very high enthusiasm amongst republicans, coupled with, you know, after many months of Democrats just complaining about the President but not having their own agenda, their voters didn’t turn out, so it’s actually looking pretty good for us.

Harmeet Dhillon Discusses the Primaries on Fox News from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

It is very specific. It depends on the state. Certainly in the blue states, like California, which is probably the most extreme, Republicans and even independent voters and many Democrats are very tired of the high taxes and the government control, the regulations that make it very hard for businesses and for families to succeed. And so, in those states I think you’re seeing the effect of that. Republicans who see what’s happening in other states and seeing what the President is doing nationally to help us out, are enthusiastic to carry that on within there states. Whereas Democrats have had a very negative agenda that they have been proposing, and they aren’t really proposing solutions for America. Even some Democratic consultants, and, you know, wise people in the party are warning Democrats that if all they’re doing is campaigning against the president, that’s not going to work for the people on the ground in their states.

We have to be vigilant as Republicans. We have double the number of retirements than Democrats in congress, and so we have double the number of seats to defend, and so we can’t rest on our laurels, but we have significantly higher number of pickups on the senate side, as well. And when you have Democrats in these high-tax states like California, pushing more taxes, more regulation, government single-payer healthcare as their agenda, Americans are very alarmed about that, and so, you know, we are very happy to see the turnout and, you know, even at the top of the ticket, like you said in California we have a contested race there, but there are contested races in some of those other states that had primaries this week, where Republicans may pick up the seat. And, you know, newer faces. One more factor is that Republicans in Congress do have sort of a up-and-out rule, where they allow room for younger people to be leaders and so that actually fosters more retirements. And the Democrats have a very older, older kind of leadership. And so, you know, we have a very different face and a positive face and we’re looking forward to November.

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