Dhillon on DACA and Caravans Coming

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News @Night’ with Shannon Bream To Discuss DACA and Caravans Coming

According to Harmeet:

I agree with senator Feinstein that it’s on shaky legal ground. The point is President Obama issued an executive order after he repeatedly failed to get it through Congress. That’s why Predient Trump revoked it. He offered a deadline six months later for Congress to come to him with the deal. In the interim, the President offered a generous offer. Not just DACA relief for the 800,000 but also DACA relief for another million people, plus a 8-12 years path to citizenship, in exchange for $25 billion for the wall. It is the Democrats walked away from the table. It’s Congress that refuses to compromise and reach a deal. That’s why we have this problem. It’s a shame for those young people who came here without having done anything wrong themselves. Democrats want them as a campaign issue and campaign football rather than solving the problem.

Some finger-pointing and blame is appropriate for the Republicans in Congress. They’ve let us down. As you pointed out, they don’t have 60 in the Senate that’s been one of the roadblocks. Democrats have repeatedly played Lucy with the football with the president. They said they would sign a deal with a given funding for DACA and then they refused. That is really where the blame lies. That deal can still be made except now both parties’ legislators are running for office as midterms are coming up and this is one of the hottest issues in politics. I’m afraid political will isn’t there to do a deal right now which is a real shame for these DACA kids. They did have the opportunity last year.

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