Damore on Google Lawsuit

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Harmeet Dhillon

James Damore Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Varney & Company’ to Discuss Google Lawsuit

According to Damore:

You can’t really trust the company’s public response especially when they’re being sued. Do I think they regret firing me? Of course. Most Google employees and Americans, when they were polled, disagreed with the firing and it really exposed the internal toxic political culture at Google.

I was fired because I wrote a memo criticizing the company because it excluded conservatives, and isolated conservatives. I also criticized some of their illegal practices. So common sentiment while that was circulating, finally the discussion was being had but once they fired me, that just silenced everything. So in that case maybe they don’t regret firing me because it silenced any progress within attacking their policies.

In the lawsuit, we have several named and unnamed plaintiffs at this point. After we announced it, we had many more that want to join it. It is still being updated as we speak.

Google and Facebook definitely have a lot of power in the news space and any concentration of power is really dangerous, especially when they have been shown to have bias. For example, Google recently released a fact checker feature but it only attacked conservative sites. There is definitely a lot of conflict and it is really unclear what the best solution is.


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