How The Death of Voicemail Is Changing The Way We Connect

San Jose Mercury News

Harmeet Dhillon

With the prevalence of mobile phones, texting, chat apps and email, voicemail just isn’t as what it used to be.

For San Francisco lawyer and California Republican Party national committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, the decisions depend on the work she’s doing.

“Like any good lawyer, I target my communications according to who is my market and my listener,” Dhillon said. “If I am calling someone in their 80s I leave them a voice message. I don’t text. Frankly, sometimes I don’t even email them.”

But when she’s contacting other lawyers, she said, “An email is likely to be received and processed more promptly than a voice message.” For confidential communication, Dhillon often relies on phone calls, but she won’t answer her phone unless she recognizes the caller’s name.

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Harmeet Dhillon is a nationally recognized lawyer, trusted boardroom advisor, and passionate advocate for individual, corporate and institutional clients across numerous industries and walks of life. Her focus is in commercial litigation, employment law, First Amendment rights, and election law matters.
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