Dhillon on the 2nd Democratic Debate

2nd Democratic Debate

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News @Night’ To Discuss the 2nd Democratic Debate

According to Dhillon:

Thanks, Shannon. I think that it was really disappointing that the debate moderators allowed those types of shallow platitudes that are frankly false to go unchallenged with no follow-up questions. The reality, Shannon, is that unemployment is the lowest that has been in my entire lifetime and that goes across every sector of every demographic in our society. On top of that, the false promise that stocks don’t matter to the average American is ludicrous. Most Americans that have a job and are investing in a 401(k) or their retirement or even work for a company, the stock value of those companies and the stock value of the retirement assets absolutely matter. To deny that is ludicrous. The other unexamined issue that none of these Democrats and none of the moderators talk about is the depressing effect on wages of illegal immigration in our country which would affect the stagnant wages that Bernie Sanders and others talked about. That is an issue we need to look at but from all of those perspectives, not just the one for the Democrats, we want to talk about their redistributionist theories that are going to bankrupt this country, Shannon.

Shannon, can I respond to that really briefly?

I was just going to say that a lot of those people on the stage have actually been in power for many generations here in our country. I mean, Joe Biden has been in power for more than I have been alive. In all of those years, they have been neglecting those rust belt states like that Moe was mentioning. So, for them to now come back in and say “Hey, we have some solutions for you”, those people went and voted for Donald Trump because Democrats have neglected them for all these years so I think it is a little bit too late for them to now start talking about peddling socialism as a sort of fix for their failures.

Well, if you look at just those specific people for this particular week, it might be an issue for them but actually the tariffs are a threat and a tactic and are they’re not actually likely to have an impact by the time of the election because there will be so many other issues that replace them and even for those specific people. I think what we’re seeing is China coming to the table on a lot of these issues already as a result of these threats. First, we have seen Canada, Mexico come to the table and renegotiate with us as a result of America first policies. And so, I think you can’t just look at one little element of the electorate. You have to look at overall for the American economy – how is it affecting all Americans that the president’s putting America first, American jobs first, American opportunity first. I think most Americans are looking at that and saying “Yes, actually I’m doing better.” Now, the healthcare problem is a huge issue and I agree that we need to look at that. That’s a big economic impact on Americans but I don’t think most Americans like the idea that Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders were peddling from the stage today that they’re going to have zero choice now. We’re going to criminalize and eliminate your right to be able to go and get private healthcare anywhere. That is not American. And some of the Democrats were pushing back on that, but those are not the ones you’re going to see running against Donald Trump. I can guarantee you that.

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