Dhillon On CA Governors Race

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on KRON 4 To Discuss California’s Governors Race

According to Dhillon:

I feel very good about John Cox making it into the top two, and then from then on, it’s going to be a race for undecided voters. What we can see throughout this election cycle is that Gavin Newsom has not been a very popular candidate overall, he’s got a fairly small percentage of the share given the fact that he is Lieutenant Governor. So, this is a winnable race for Republicans.

We have a 60% endorsement threshold and he got 55% so he fell a few votes short. He got a significantly higher percentage of our vote than Gavin Newsom got at the Democratic Convention.

Dhillon Discusses CA Governors Race on KRON 4 from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

I think the trend is actually that both parties have become less popular with the voters here in California, and that’s a reflection of I think voter dissatisfaction with what’s going on in Sacramento. So, I think it’s up to the people in both parties to demonstrate to the voters that we can actually add — But in this state we have seen many years of Democratic rule. We have seen decreases in quality in our schools, our roads, people are leaving the state who are productive tax payers, education is not great, so I think that voter apathy is reflected in those numbers and we have a job to do to turn that around.

The Democratic lead into the election, in the midterms, has all but evaporated. And Darrell has to be reconsidering whether it was a good idea for him to step back, frankly, I think all of those seats are winnable. It’s particularly bad news for Nancy Pelosi that there is going to be a Republican in the runoff for Fovernor because Democrats would have counted on more Democrats turning out to vote in November, but if Gavin Newsom is the top of the ticket, Democrats aren’t enthusiastic about him, they may stay home, and as a result, more Republican voters will be energized to push our candidates across the finish line.

It might have a little bit of an effect, but it might have an effect for the Republicans. I think a lot of the polling is showing that a lot of Americans are increasingly seeing this 18-month, now, investigation as a witch hunt. The President is increasing in popularity, and we are looking at a lot of voters being energized by a lot of different issues. I think the national security issues are important. We are seeing criminal justice reform becoming a big issue out of the White House, just now. And so, while we had been written off for the midterms, I think the President just might be able to pull off an upset, to use your term, and actually do very well in terms of holding all of those seats across the country. I’m positive about it.

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