Dhillon on California Abolishing Bail for Suspects, CA Governor’s Race

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon on California Abolishing Bail for Suspects, CA Governor’s Race

According to Dhillon:

It is criticized by both the left and the right. From a public safety point of view, what you’ll see is people let out as early as 12 hours after being arrested with no real assurances on the part of the state that they will come back for their court date. On the other side, the civil rights community is saying the state is going to be using an algorithm found to be racially biased as well as allowing judges vastly expand their discretion on the more serious crimes. You could have a lot more people ending up in prison or in jail waiting for their trial as a result of this.

Harmeet Dhillon on California Abolishing Bail for Suspects, CA Governor’s Race from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

This is problematic because the United States constitution and the California constitution guarantees the right to bail. That’s why the civil rights groups are blowing the lid on this. In other states when they tried this, it is disastrous for public safety, New Mexico in new Jersey experiment with this and a spike in crime, repeat players and not any evidence of alleviating crowding in the prison as well.

2019 is the deadline but a lot of communities, San Francisco, is already doing this. The biggest concern is public safety which is impacted by the fact that we have 3 million illegal aliens in this state. To the extent that folks who are arrested for crimes, what is the assurance on the part of the public they will be arrested or come back to their court date as opposed to the next county? That is a huge problem. In terms of crowding the prisons if you are arrested for a serious crime, which could happen to any of us, it is unconstitutional to deny the right to bail. We will see lawsuits from both sides likely and the bail communities put a referendum on the ballot starting today, gathering signatures in the next 90 days to get it on the ballot.

This is ridiculous. Gavin Newsome is no longer lives in San Francisco, and he has left a mess behind. We have universal healthcare in a way for illegal aliens all over the country going to the emergency room and getting free care. The idea this is cost free is ludicrous but it will make California more of a magnet for illegal aliens and there is simply no math behind Gavin Newsom’s proposal to pay for this. Yet again he is a pie in the sky politician in California and I don’t think this is a great campaign tactic but no way this is going to be passed into law.

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