Dhillon on Cancel Culture Taking Aim at Oil & Gas Industry

Cancel Culture Taking Aim at Oil & Gas Industry

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Cancel Culture Taking Aim at Oil & Gas Industry

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

So, Laura, they absolutely could do that. In fact, the president did sign an Executive Order urging departments to do this. But, to my knowledge, nothing has actually happened as a result of that. There are several hundred attorneys in the United States Department of Justice civil rights division whose job it is to look out for these types of issues but we aren’t seeing a focus on that. Now, the consequences are very real. As you know, I represented a number of young people who have had legal battles because of these issues, employees like James Damore and people like that who’ve had these issues at the workplace. It can be very devastating. It can cause depression, anxiety, they can’t be themselves and whatever choices they may have made in college are going to follow them around forever. Like I’ve said, for every Leif Olson, there are other who have lost their jobs in the Trump Administration because of fairly innocent views that were demonized by others. So, we have to put a stop to it, and at least in a public institution, you have a right to not be denied benefits, not to be denied the right to graduate, not to be denied those endorsement letters from professors because of your views.

That’s right.

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