Dhillon on Convicted Felon Michael Cohen

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Michael Cohen

According to Dhillon:

It is one of saddest spectacle I have seen as a citizen, and when you see things like that and that kind of charade, people are going to ask about love, children, and asking questions that they already know the answers to. You realize that these people are not interested in what is best for America, but what is best for their party. It was a disgrace.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Michael Cohen from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

My reaction when this came out was a big whoop. And as an attorney, people like Donald Trump get accused of stuff from people like Stormy Daniels all the time, and settlements occur all the time. This is a nothing burger.

That is right [that there is no liability under the election law or general statutes]. Follow-up questions were asked or he wasn’t pressed on the question “how often did it occur?” He focused on one that happened around the time of the election. This does not face me as a supporter of the president.

I think they are doing worse than ignoring it. They’re doing their split screen scheme to directly undermine the president with this share charade and sham of a hearing. At the same time, the president is trying to do something good for the world.

We would not have this hearing if Congress had done a better job of fulfilling the president’s agenda, regarding Obama Care, regarding the wall, regarding many other things, so I am very disappointed in that sense. We do have a fighter, and hopefully some Senate there will address these issues to shut it down. We have some failures on that side. Hope is better now that the stakes are very clear. The issue is clear here, it is sort of an impeachment wind up for the Democrats. Another waste of time. The goal is to bloody our president enough that one of their lame candidates gets in.

Many people would be embarrassed by the types of lies are that being told about him [President Donald Trump]. He tweeted about it from the Vietnam. He is a fighter. I wish we have more of him in our party.

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