Dhillon on DACA and Illegal Immigration

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Harmeet Dhillon

According to Dhillon:

The successive generations of both Republicans and Democrats have refused to enforce our immigration laws. We now have a situation where with terrorism after 911. A lot of Americans are conflating legal and illegal immigration.

So, all the things the president is talking about, the chain migration, e-verify, the end to some of these loopholes is important. But we also have to look at some of the irrationality in our existing immigration system for legal immigrants.

For example, you mentioned cutting the green card in half. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think that’s kind of a blunt instrument to a complicated problem.

Those people are the ones who are waiting – the H1B workers who are here legally and following our rules, they are waiting legally while the president is talking about giving instant legal status to these DACA people. And if you are an H1B worker in Silicon Valley, your kid who’s 18 has to go home.

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