Dhillon Discusses DACA with Laura Ingraham

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on the Ingraham Angle to Discuss the Latest News Regarding DACA

According to Dhillon:

That’s right, Laura, but he isn’t the first one. He’s the third in the country, as you mentioned, in your opening. Judge Alsup in San Francisco did it, and a judge in Brooklyn. What’s interesting to note for your viewers is that there was a federal judge in Maryland who ruled the opposite way. What’s wrong with this whole scheme is that one district judge is now overruling basically another district judge. This scheme of nationwide injunctions inviting litigants to forum shop. Of course, they are all running to three the most liberal jurisdictions in America. The northern district of California, eastern district of New York, and district of district of Columbia. That is not how our courts were meant to be. Our courts were meant to have a hierarchy, as you mentioned. And only a superior court, not an equivalent court, should be allowed to do this. President Trump has been subject to 22 nationwide injunctions. That’s more than any other president in history.

It didn’t used to be a thing. For 175 years of our country’s history, there were no nationwide injunctions. This is a recent fashion and it’s out-of-control, Laura.

Scott, you raise a good point. I think Democrats should be very concerned about this as well because the tables will be turned one day and it’s not the place of judges who are an equal branch, not a superior branch, to be issuing nationwide injunctions on the basis of two or three people in front of them. That’s outrageous. It’s not precedented in our history. This judge did go further than the judge in California. He issued a partial summary judgment here with no trial. He sort of made up some of these rulings, they make no sense. Finally, one important point is that, President Obama himself in 2012 when he signed the DACA order, he said this is a temporary measure. This is a stopgap. This is to give hope to some people until Congress acts. Now it’s being converted into a permanent titlement.

Well, Laura, I think they did play both sides, several of the judges. Most of the conservative judges seem to be siding with the administration on this. I think this case is up in the air. I would be foolish to make a prediction here. I think they thought about it very carefully. Ultimately I think the trump Administration should win this but obviously you know, there are politics and there are very strong feelings. We heard some rhetoric about flipping the tables and what if a candidate made anti-semitic remarks, one of the liberal judges said that. So, I know they are thinking that way. If they look at the four corners of the law, hopefully should be –

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