Dhillon on Emails Showing Obama State Dept. Advancing Russia Hoax

Emails Showing Obama State Dept. Advancing Russia Hoax

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Emails Showing Obama State Dept. Advancing Russia Hoax

According to Dhillon:

Thanks Gregg. Absolutely. Well, Gregg, you’re the expert on a lot of these issues but we’ve been hearing about this involvement of the State Department almost since day one when patriots have begun to try to uncover what happened here. Now we’re seeing evidence in black and white. Now, as you’ve said, of course, it makes perfect sense because all of this was to benefit Hillary Clinton, their former State Department colleague, there was a lot of cover-up activity there at the State Department over her abuse of e-mails, etcetera. So, you know, where Hillary likes to say it takes a village, it took a village of swamp characters to pull off this incredible episode against our country’s president.

And, applying for new FISA warrants that are based on it and continuing to lie to judges about it, well into the special counsel’s tenure. So, I think what’s happened here is really undermined the faith of the American people in our system of justice and its objectivity, and unless something is done to hold these people accountable, I don’t think we’re going to regain that back. I would also add that what today’s really shows that there are so many people borrowed into the government at every level involved in this thing, they are still there. They are still there right now operating in the executive branch at various levels undermining our country and that is really scary. They are like termites. You don’t see them until it is like 5 years later until the house has a problem.

That is right.

Well, Gregg, I think you and I share something which is I am a trial lawyer who I think is somewhat cynical, so I will not believe it until I see it. From what I have seen so far, the swamp, bipartisan swamp really protects itself pretty well. So, we’ve seen a lot of punches pulled so far, now I’m really hopeful that William Barr will actually change, flip the script there and really go after this people for the sake of justice, not for the sake of vengeance but for the sake of restoring integrity into the greatest law enforcement institutions in the world. I think it’s very necessary.

My pleasure. Thank you, Gregg.

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