Dhillon on Epstein, Corporations, Israel

Epstein, Corporations, Israel

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Epstein, Corporations, Israel

According to Dhillon:

Thank you, Lou. Well, it’s refreshing, Lou. We’ve seen a lack of accountability; we’re still seeing it for what happen in the FBI with that whole Russia investigation. So, this is a good first step. I too am among those people, you can count me among those who still have questions after that coroner’s report, I just down believe it. So hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of that as well.

It’s stunning on one level, but in the wake of seeing all of these high ranking people in the FBI get away with what they have gotten away with, and the DOJ, and how many people in power – particular, you know, in the financial services world have gotten away with this type of crime, you know, it doesn’t surprise me. But, this type of thing really does undermine the confidence of the public. And so, this is a start, Lou, but the Attorney general needs to get to the bottom of what happened here.

It is, Lou, at the same time, these are the same companies who are crying about the president imposing tariffs on countries like China that cheat our American consumers, that steal our intellectual property, that threat their citizens like dirt. On the one hand, they seem to have, you know, no concern about going there and making profits there, but on the other hand they want to do this virtue signaling in imposing these noncorporate profit related motivations on the their own boards, and for me, I am trying to unpack this myself today. I see some fear there on the part of these companies against these politicians and the leftward lurch of places like California and New York, where for example in California we have a new law that imposes a number of females being put on the board of directors of public companies here. This type of a divorce from reality type top of a down situation is I think what’s causing these companies to do this themselves and that they don’t get regulated further by these leftwing states.

Absolutely, I mean, like I said, these are the companies that are outsourcing their jobs to China, and even in Silicon Valley, a lot of the jobs are being taken by foreign workers at the expense of American workers. So, I think it’s really hard to see what their motivations are but mainly profit, but pretending that it isn’t seems to be the main consideration.

It isn’t hard, Lou, what’s hard is doing things that lobbyists are lobbying against and figuring out what your next job is going to be after you live this gig. I think that is a lot of what corrupt Washington is that specific fact. There is untold wealth coming out of these companies and they really control a lot of politicians there, so that’s why. But it’s really pretty easy to unpack A lot of these, these are very new companies, to unwind fairly recent transactions would certainly not be very tough. It would be very easy actually.

Yup, propaganda is what I would call it. It was a complete break with reality but far for the course for these two. I think increasingly the evidence shows that their planned trip to Israel was nothing more than a Potemkin trip which was simply designed as a sham and a vehicle for them to push their propaganda. So, you know, what is interesting is people like Bill Maher and even some other intelligent – and the liberal’s commentators on the left are calling them out for this. And, the lies they’re spewing, they say nothing about Hamas, nothing about Hezbollah, nothing about all the crimes perpetrated by their intended hosts and nothing about the primacy of America. The entitlement and victim mentality that was displayed at that press conference said “Oh, we’re duly elected American legislators so we should be entitled to go anywhere in the world we want and say whatever we want.” Well, God bless Israel for standing for its own sovereignty and not allowing itself to be pushed around by these enemies of their state.

Thank you, Lou.

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