Dhillon on Future of Republican Party

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Progress of the Republican Party and Immigration

Lou, you yourself called a lot of the members gutless wanderers. I think it’s actually worse than gutless. What they’ve done is turned their backs on the promises they made to the American voters, and I think that there is a lack of leadership here. It’s often the case that when you have a lame duck leader, people are looking to the next thing. But it’s not just the speaker, it’s also so many of the Republican members who are retiring and they are in their last innings and they’re looking at their next jobs as lobbyists, or what have you. That’s one of the problems of Washington, the swamp effect.

Dhillon Discusses Trump's Agenda Regarding Immigration with Lou Dobbs from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

The president got elected on the strength of this immigration issue and America first among other things, and that’s just not, as you say, what the people inside the beltway care about. That’s not the money that gets traded hands, and that’s not how they’re going to make money as lobbyists afterwards. So that’s really disappointing, and then as I think others have pointed out as well, you have got a Senate that’s playing with 18th century Marcus of Queensbury rules, and cloture, and talking about a time when people were gentlemen and ladies to each other. Those days are long past, and so it’s time to be playing it to win it. I really would like to see more leadership and attitude the president has brought to our leaders in Congress.

The consequences of this are being seen in many ways that maybe don’t make the top of the headlines. We have the blue-slip rule that is preventing some of our circuit judges from getting confirmed by liberal senators blocking. And almost two years into this administration, some of the key appointments have not been filled because of inaction in the Senate, and our president can’t get his agenda passed under these circumstances, so that’s got to end.

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