Dhillon on Gorsuch Book and CIA Slamming CNN

Gorsuch Book and CIA Slamming CNN

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Gorsuch Book and CIA Slamming CNN

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Well, I think — so looking at the Justice’s comments, I think he was actually talking about the institution of the presidency and of Congress. I think there has been a breakdown of civility there. So, with respect to your point, however, in the recent history, it has definitely been very gross overreach on the part of the legislature and specifically the 2018 Congress against the president. And you know, beyond that, there was the presidency of Obama spying on the next president, so I don’t think this is as clear cut as one would say but there’s definitely more than enough partisanship to go around here, that’s destructive.

Right. I agree. Chief Justice Roberts cares a lot about the box office to use a term that our former governor here used to use and less about the law.

Yeah. No actually Arnold Schwarzenegger here in California talked about the box office. And many earlier actors too, but the box office is not something that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should be worried about too much. But, I definitely, as a lawyer, when I was in law school, we have the whole crisis over Robert Bourke and I traced the incivility of Democrats back to that era in the 90s and I will never forget that. I’m not a member of the ABA as a result of that, so I think Justice Gorsuch would do well to remember when that mudslinging and stone throwing began and it sure wasn’t with the Republicans.

I think they have an excellent lawsuit. It’s a civil rights lawsuit under the civil rights act. It involves the free speech rights and association of rights of citizens in San Francisco specifically. The law is such that if you are a member of the NRA, you can do not do business as a vendor with the city of San Francisco for starters. I’m a life member of the NRA and I’m a lawyer in San Francisco. The chances of me doing business with the city as a vendor are zero, but I should have that right. I think that they are likely to prevail in court with this lawsuit.

It is worse than irrelevant. It is destructive and could cost people their lives. Now, you know it’s bad when you don’t even have to go into me being a Republican that “New York Times” and other mainstream publications have contradicted CNN’s position here. And I think that makes it very clear they just made it up. Yeah. Absolutely. “New York Times” which is no friend to the president said there’s no evidence to support the CNN story. They should be ashamed, they should withdraw it and they should go back to not maybe using Obama Administration officials as their mouthpieces for this fake news, Lou.

No, I don’t think you can expect that. And that’s what it’s come to, unfortunately, Lou.

My pleasure. Always.

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