Dhillon on Green Card and Lack of Federal Reports in 2019

Green Card and Lack of Federal Reports in 2019

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Green Card and Lack of Federal Reports in 2019

According to Dhillon:

Yes, Lou. So, just like your previous segment where you are mentioning how Democrats want to tear up the fabric of our Supreme Court, they’re throwing out the Constitution here in California. So, the qualifications clause of the constitution sets only through requirements – your candidate has to be 35, a natural born citizen and lived in the US for 14 years. But California is trying to impose or in fact has passed the law that requires candidates to publish 5 years of their tax returns in order to appear on a primary ballot. So, we’re not standing for this in California, both the Trump campaign and the president, as well as my clients, the Republican National Committee, the California party and three Republican Trump supporters have challenged this in court. We’re looking for a hearing next month on this matter.

I think this was pretty shocking, but, you know, it isn’t even a Republican issue, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pushed back on this type of suggestion that they packed to court or otherwise all tripped by saying she think it’s fine the way it is – 9 is a good number, etc. And, the fact that she’s on the court at her age is as a result of us having the current system – under the system that Bernie Sanders or others were pushing, they wouldn’t have older people on the court at all. So, I think they have to really look at that both ways. But, this is the type of thuggery – and that’s really the correct word here, “thuggery and bullying”, that if it were done against an individual judge, for example if you said, if you got a news and when you said to an individual Ninth Circuit judge, “if you don’t rule a certain way, I’m going to take care of you and change your way of life and how your court operates”, that would probably be investigated by the FBPI. But, if it’s done by a pack of Democrats who have the arrogance to do, many of them are lawyers by the way, they think they can do this. There is strength in numbers of their outrageous conduct. I hope that honest liberals and judges push back on this, it’s really bad.

Well, I think we’re seeing a lot of mixed messages on these two issues, Lou. So, taking the immigration issue, the H-1B visa issue, I think there’s some ways that the system could be reformed that would make sense. I’m not sure just sort of doubling the numbers, I think they really need to look at means at the income levels. In Silicon Valley where I live, the fact is that H-1B workers are paid significantly less, sometimes half what American workers are. And if they were a requirement to pay them more, like a 125% more, I think you would see the jobs truly being reserved for those who are, that’s one issue.

Well, the laws aren’t being – the laws are not being enforced. So I would love to see enforcement, but I think what’s more important this week is the president’s announcement of making sure that all of the immigrants who are seeking a green card in this country be held to the Clinton era law that requires that they not be public charges from more than 12 months out of a 3-year period. I think that’s a great development. That’s actually, Lou, going to impact a lot more people.

I think the red flag issue is very troubling and potentially unconstitutional, I certainly do not want to see a United States where we have social scores like China, I don’t want it.

Yeah. I agree with that.

Thanks, Lou.

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