Dhillon on Hunter Biden and Impeachment Inquiry

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Hunter Biden and Impeachment Inquiry

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Thanks Lou. That says a lot about the board. I do give him credit for being somewhat self-aware to say that he probably wouldn’t have had most of his job if any of his life. He got the job on Amtrak board because he rode Amtrak so that’s probably about as much as anybody else. His first job out of law school at a bank was also a job that he really wasn’t qualified for and wouldn’t have raisen through the ranks there without the name. He’s no different Lou, to be fair, than than the kids and brothers and half brothers, of many famous people who get jobs. Look at Chelsea Clinton and her $600,000 a year gig at NBC. It’s pretty common.

Definitely when you are dealing with foreign powers and particularly this type of size and scope of an endeavor, I think it definitely raises questions. When your dad is actually making threats and exerting his influence there on camera, and that benefits you, then obviously that’s the start of this whole latest debacle with the Ukraine collusion thing that’s going on right now.

Well, and if you were Nancy Pelosi why would you go for an impeachment vote? Because number one, that would put the weaker people and your caucus on the line having to take that difficult vote. But number two, as you’ve said, you would have to give subpoena power, questioning power, due process rights to the minority party, give some rights to the accused. Why would they want to do that when they’re able to hold these secret, fake, off-site meetings and then leak the contents of them selectively. So I’m not surprised she’s doing this. It’s dishonest and it’s really going to undercut the American people’s view of this entire process.

On the first one, he merely cites to the president of the White House counsel’s letter and says that until there’s a formal impeachment vote which we talked about, there is really no need for him to comply because it’s illegitimate. On the other one, I think he’s being very diplomatic. Obviously, what John Bolton has said about him is incredibly inflammatory and I think unprofessional to take off shots this way. I think we’re going to hear about the Bolton camp. I think that they’re responsible for a lot of mischief that we are seeing right now.

What a shocker. You got it Lou.

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