Dhillon on Impeachment Inquiry

Impeachment Inquiry

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Impeachment Inquiry

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Well, the crime is Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. That’s a crime they haven’t gotten over in their minds and they will do anything to stop him. This recent kerfuffle Lou is simply an extension of the Russia investigation that was failed. And, if we get past this one, there’s going to be another and another, and another because the Democrats have an endless supply of these spies, these swamp creatures that are burrowed in even to the White House – just ready to make the next complaint. So, we really have to fight hard to put a stop to this, Lou.

Well, the RNC is actually certainly fighting very hard. All of the material coming out of the RNC is very consistent in fighting for the president. I will say I’m very disappointed to see some of even our conservative Republican senators scurrying away from questions about this. We will remember those folks Lou when they come calling for contributions. This is a time for everybody to stand together on our side. This is an absolute fight for the future of our country, Lou.

Right. That’s right. So, what we have learned from today’s reporting by a couple of different sources including The Federalist is that the form used to require as recently as months ago or at least last year that the complaint be first-hand knowledge, in addition to a number of other obligations – that it has to be not a matter of differences of policy, it has to be some very specific criteria. It seems to be clear that it doesn’t even cover the president, it only covers the hot stuff that happens in the intelligence community. The new form which is published on the website of the DNI for whistleblowers and it’s marked August 2019, so last month around the timing of this whistleblower complaint, has eliminated that first-hand knowledge requirement. And you see that reflected in the current complaint. It is full of second-hand, third-hand, gossip, press reports and more.

No. So, there is a very good reason why we work – I’m getting ready for trial next week. There’s a very good reason why we require first-hand knowledge and first-hand eyewitness testimony on these types of things because it’s the most credible and most of close to the facts. But more importantly, the type of complaint that we are talking today could not have been made under just last year or even earlier this year’s rules. I think it’s very significant that those rules were secretly, surreptitiously changed. And, think about the implications here Lou, anybody working in the intelligence community including not just an employee but also a contractor, so one of thousands of contractors could make a complaint against the president involving garbage from the media, and that holds you have our whole government? It’s ridiculous, it doesn’t work, it’s outrageous.

Right. That’s right. Well, we need to know that. We need to get to the bottom of when was that changed, under whose authority. That is a key question here, Lou. It’s key question. We have to get to the bottom of this.
Thanks Lou.

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