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Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Katie Hill

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Absolutely, Laura, we should. This is a bipartisan issue and anybody who abuses their trust and abuses their status as an employer needs to be held accountable. I personally called for Duncan Hunter who’s a member of Congress who’s engaged in Affairs, not with subordinates but affairs to step aside. And I do think that we should be all held to the same standard. And so, Katie Hill’s now invoking this sort of feminist drama, but it’s really kind of a quaint Victorian idea that she is a woman, should be protected and held to a different standard than men. No, she should be held to the same standard. She’s a modern woman and she’s violated the norms in the workplace and in politics and that’s why she was asked by her party leader Nancy Pelosi to step down.

Yeah. No. Look. As an employment lawyer, I can tell you that what she did here is predatory. There’s a presumption that it’s not something that’s consensual and she can rebut that but she could talk about that in employment court. I mean, in the court of public opinion, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of her party who was a woman did the right thing for the party because actually the party just took that seat back from a Republican. Republicans want that seat back so I know that the Democrats are going to put somebody strong in there. So, in Congressional District 25, there are a number of good Republicans who step forward including the member of Congress who held that seat before Steve Knight is considering it. But right now, the leading candidates on our side in terms of money and support locally are Mike Garcia, a Navy fighter pilot veteran who flew 30 mission in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Angela Underwood Jacobs who’s a local city councilwoman in Lancaster in that district. Both of them are popular there and have raised significant amounts of money. Papadopoulos has thrown his hat in the ring. I think he has a bunch of baggage. I’m not supporting him. But, we have a good chance to take the seat back whoever the Democrat is and Laura, for your information and for your viewers, the Democrats are going to probably include our Secretary of State on the Democrat side, Alex Padilla who is somebody who Republicans have sued, including myself, have sued twice so far this year. And so, you know, it’s going to be a contested seat.

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