Dhillon on Merit-Based Immigration System

Merit-Based Immigration System

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Merit-Based Immigration System

According to Dhillon:

Right and I’m a big fan of enforcing the laws that are on the books like this one. It’s a really good common-sense law, it’s puzzling by. It hasn’t been. My concern, I want to add though, is that this still leaves a huge disparity and dichotomy between the way that the laws are being enforced and the redirect is actually ramping up against legal immigrants, which by the way I am one, and a citizen, and illegal immigrants. So, I think we see a frustration on the part of the administration. They seem to be unable because of Democratic blockage to do anything about the illegal immigration problem and the border wall, and so forth. So they’re cracking down on legal immigrants. So, I think we have to do both. I think it’s fair to hold people accountable. But what about the huge number of illegal immigrants taking advantage of our system?

Well, who’s complaining? Shannon, the actual people who are complaining, like myself who had to step over people lying in the streets to get here to the studio in San Francisco. We, citizens, are complaining but the politicians in Sacramento do not care. They are not complaining; they think that our state is great as a haven for more and more people who do not pay their way here. Of course, that, a remark by the state senator was predicated upon, “Oh, they also pay taxes.”. That is a fallacy. They’ve hardly paid any tax, they pay sales tax but most of the time they actually use social security numbers that are fake, they don’t pay the same taxes as all of us do and they are not going to be enjoining these benefits. But, believe it or not, this proposal that passed the legislature today was a compromise because actually the Democrats in Sacramento wanted to cover all illegal aliens, not carving out the ones who are between the ages of 25 and 65, but all of them. Why not? And hey, why not make not make a magnet out of California for every illegal alien in the country as it is. This proposal covering a substantial number of people is actually going to increase the migration of illegal aliens into our state at the same time that probably encourages people to leave California who are actually taxpayers.

Nobody is dying on the streets but our veterans and homeless.

Thanks Shannon.

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