Dhillon on Michael Cohen Raid

Harmeet Dhillon on FOX News discussing Michael Cohen Raid - Dhillon Law Group

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss the Michael Cohen Raid

According to Dhillon:

This is outrageous and unprecedented. I’ve said it on your show before, but conservatives haven’t paid enough to the rights guaranteed by the fourth amendment of the Constitution and to seize any attorney’s communications with his client are outrageous. I can tell you as a lawyer who handles trade secret cases sometimes. You go to the U.S. Attorney’s office. You go to the FBI and report it, it’s hard to get their attention, they certainly don’t act as quickly as this. They are giving extraordinary attention to this. The timing of this is not accidental, as the other guests have mentioned. I think that the fact that the IG’s report is coming out soon, the FBI, that may guarantee some heavy scrutiny, and potentially some prosecutions over there. Maybe this team wants to distract away from that, but the other thing is the president is exposed right now because is he missing one of his lawyers and he has been looking to hire new counsel. Who wants to be the lawyer who has their life disrupted because they happen to represent a client and whether it’s the president or not, who’s in the cross-hairs of the FBI. So, this is a chilling effect. This is the same field office of the FBI and the same U.S. Attorney’s office that didn’t lift a finger and didn’t do a thing on the Clinton Foundation with almost billion dollars plus of foreign money pouring through there the double standard is staggering. This is potentially a constitutional crisis being set up here. It is unprecedented. Never seen anything like it.

The president made a mistake early on with the appointments that he made. I’m afraid he needs to look a little closer to home. He has had a lot of bad advice from the beginning of his administration on legal issues and on his legal appointments. I think this whole situation is an example of that.

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