Dhillon on Migrant Caravan Headed to US-Mexico Border

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox and Friends First’ To Discuss Migrant Caravan

According to Dhillon:

It is an invasion. It is a large number of people heading towards our border without our permission and with an intention that seems to be hostile against what our laws permit. By any definition that is an invasion.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox and Friends First’ To Discuss Migrant Caravan from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

This is not sustainable. After the president made those remarks, Mexican journalist embedded in that column verified what he said and there were people from the Middle East and people with bad intentions in that caravan. I live in California and I can tell you we see evidence of this every day in the streets, so not only it is not sustainable but it is beyond sustainable for many years and it’s having a huge effect on the quality of life in America.

Some people don’t see this as a huge problem, but they don’t live in border states and they don’t have to suffer from the fact that our quality of life, education, and crime, all of these issues significantly impacted when you have illegal aliens.

We are doing a lot [for Central America]. There are things we can do to encourage them to keep those people in their own countries and increase the quality of life there, but the solution for those countries is to let people leave and have incentive to increase quality of life in their own country, but there are a lot of way to enforce our border like taxing, insisting on verifying these people and deporting them when they come here illegally.

The response from the left is, what’s a few MS-13? It only takes one to kill an American, and it takes a few to kill many Americans and we see that happening in our border states, so that’s too many. Not a single American should die. Not a single American should go there without food and resources, because foreign invaders took our jobs and took our quality of life.

It is important that we maintain our friendliness towards legal immigration, but anybody who is in a place where the quality of life is going down is not going to be sympathetic that there should be an endless amount of that because it is not sustainable. At some point in time we will be putting Americans on the streets when there’s limited housing and limited resources. That is a problem.

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