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Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss the Mueller Investigation

According to Dhillon:

Flood is a great addition to the team and it wasn’t just Clinton, he also has represented Dick Cheney in private practice and he also was in the White House counsel’s office and did investigation under the Bush Administration as well. So, he’s got experience in both types of administrations. And what they’re signaling here is by picking somebody with impeachment experience is that the scales have fallen from the eyes of the White House lawyers and they realize that the stakes are about impeachment here. When you see the questions in the Mueller leak, the questions are clearly not about any crime that the president may have committed, it’s clearly doing some free research for the Democrats, with respect to a potential impeachment trial, it could not be clearer. I’m glad as a supporter of the president, and a lawyer, to see that they have finally woken up. The Giuliani interview that we just saw right now, was amazing, very encouraging to me, also to see somebody with some reality check here. These are not people that you can trust at their face value. We have seen the crimes, we have see the deception, and we have seen the absolute unethical conduct that has been committed against this president so far. So, I feel much more reassured to seeing them kind of smartening up and girding for battle here.

Dhillon Discusses Mueller Investigation with Laura Ingraham from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

There are three systems of government. There’s one for Hillary, there’s one for normal people in the world and there’s an especially heinous one for President Trump. From day one, from Klapper telling Comey to go brief the president on this nonexistent Russia drama, to give a news hook to Jake Tapper at CNN on down to the incident that Giuliani recounted, where Mueller was interviewed by the president for the job of FBI director with Rosenstein sitting next to him, and then they walk out. A couple of days later, knowing the president has rejected him from that job, Rosenstein picks that very person. The deck is stacked with partisans, people with axes to grind, and I think that the mask really fell today when Rosenstein’s angry words came out and made it personal, who does he think he is? He works for the president. He is an inferior officer of the United States executive branch, working ultimately for the president. I was shocked and just like FBI agents are hanging their heads in shame, I’m sure there’s a lot of good attorneys at the department of justice were stunned. That people are picking a fight with their bosses like this on television. It was shocking.

We know that Hillary Clinton, when she was interviewed by the FBI, had no transcription, and had immunized witnesses in the room, which shouldn’t have been immunized. They were all guilty of crimes themselves apparently, and not under oath. It was sort of very friendly, you know, up and done. As a lawyer we know ,even as junior associates, the worst potential witnesses are very powerful people because they are used to getting their way, they are used to not being questioned. They are typically the ones who need the most preparation. Rudy was saying he’s going need a couple of days, I would say a couple of weeks of preparation for that sort of interview, so there is no justification. One more point that your viewers should know is that the FBI has gotten into the habit, particularly if they want to get somebody for a crime, they don’t record it. You would think the opposite is true, if you’re a good investigator and you want to make sure you have the evidence you have a contemporaneous reporting — this has gotten the FBI into trouble and has resulted in a lot of convictions being vacated over the years on appeal because the evidence doesn’t match up. I agree with Rudy, that there needs to be a record of it. Overall, I question whether he should do it at all.

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