Dhillon on NM Judge Releasing Adults Accused of Training Kids To Become Terrorists

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss NM Judge Releasing Adults Accused of Training Kids on Terrorism

According to Dhillon:

The five suspected terrorists who abuse a child or allegedly abused a child — there’s a dead child here. This is a serious matter. Four of them are being released today and not even with money bail but a $25,000 bond, meaning a signature bond. So they only have to sign their own name and if they don’t show up at their hearings, then they have to pay $20,000. You can imagine how that works. It’s ridiculous. This is as a result of a bail reform legislation in New Mexico two years ago which Governor Martinez is now trying to repeal because it’s resulted in criminals committing crimes while they’re out on this lick and a promise signature deal instead of on the public safety where they should be locked up, like in this case. This is a huge issue. Anybody in America is going to look at this and say these people are serious threats to the public right now, not theoretical. They’re accused of killing a child, of training terrorists and abusing children. For the great state of California, I apologize for our exportation of people like this who are affected criminal justice in other states. It’s really a bad situation, Lou.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss NM Judge Releasing Adults Accused of Training Kids from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

On the Manafort decision:

This is very common in a white collar crime case. In fact, the position of the defense is that the government hasn’t proven its case so there’s no need for them to put on a defense. And outside the presence of the jury, the judge actually asked Mr. Manafort himself personally whether he agreed to not testify and put on a defense and he did say that to the judge outside of the presence of the jury. This is very much expected and we can look forward to strong closing arguments by both sides tomorrow in court and then it’s waiting time to see what the jury thinks.

The liberty of their client, who is in his 70s and could spend the rest of his life in prison, is at risk. Clearly the lawyers who are top-notch lawyers believe that they’ve done a sufficient job of undermining the prosecution’s witnesses. Rick Gates, obviously a serial philanderer and crook, was the star witness for the government. They may be betting that the government’s overreach for this case is sufficient for the jury to look at this and say the case is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And the judge has put his thumb on the scale a little bit, very hostile to some of the tactics taken by the prosecution. And I think the defense is counting on the jury to have absorbed that and take what the prosecution’s case is and their lying witness with a grain of salt.

On Antifa Threats Against The President:

The FBI and Secret Service are under DOJ, and as I’ve said before, the DOJ is MIA. They have a Civil Rights division that should be opening up an investigation into the racketeering and organized crime that’s going on here. It’s going on with impunity so the toxic combination here is paid leftists – no doubt about it. The liberals advertise for protestors, they pay them, and they pick and choose where these events take place – in liberal jurisdictions that are complicit, they ask the police to stand down. The Feds are doing nothing, it’s outrageous that these people are not being infiltrated and brought up on criminal RICO as well as mayhem and violence charges. This is a spreading disease in America. We’re seeing this in multiple cities, we’re seeing Americans get hurt. The real long lasting damage is that Americans are afraid to assemble and express their rights peacefully because of these people. This is exactly their purpose and they’re succeeding, unfortunately.

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