Dhillon on Coronavirus

Dhillon on Coronavirus

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discusses Coronavirus

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I started out this week in San Francisco and we got the order that we were to shelter to in place. We had about 11-hour notice before midnight curfew. So I armed all my lawyers and my firm and we sent everybody home to work remotely. I actually came to my other home in Sonoma where we were not on lockdown, but as of today we actually are on lockdown in Sonoma county and several other counties beyond the Bay area in California. That is the normal for us, we’re all allowed to move to get food or attend to essential needs like that but not any other needs. It is pretty eerie and deserted on the streets and in much of California.

It’s only been a couple days but yes. We have deserted streets, you see a few cops on the streets, you see people who are in industries who actually like the law industry where we are permitted to go to our offices if we want but office buildings are closed and deserted and people are not comfortable moving around. So definitely right now, we’re going to look in two weeks and see whether that’s still the case. I think, maybe you will see more activity then.

Marijuana dispensaries are permitted to stay open in certain counties as an essential business whereas most other businesses are not. Even restaurants are only allowed to operate only a take-out business. This has been pretty devastating. The economic impact of this is going to absolutely devastating. It is 8 or 9 million people at least right now affected in the Greater Bay Area including in Sonoma County and that number is likely to increase. We have 40 million people in California. People are confused and devastated and don’t know what is permitted and what is not, or what the employment rules are. It is absolute sort of chaos here on that sense but not on the streets. It is very peaceful and quiet and people are concerned for their health and so right now they’re heeding the government’s warnings.

It’s interesting. San Francisco has the highest property crime rate in the United States and any San Francisco resident will tell you that we’re already furious and frustrated with the lack of arrests for property crimes, car break-ins, etc. So now, we have a district attorney who used to be a public defender, he’s already had rules in place to get rid of bail and so now we’re also talking as you mentioned in your earlier segment about letting people out of jail pending their hearings because of coronavirus threats. We are locked into our apartments and our homes in San Francisco and can’t move about but you have the prospect of people who have broken the law or allegedly broken the law being allowed out early, arrests not being done, it is a recipe for disaster, I’m sure many business owners are concerned about looting and other anarchy. We haven’t had that yet, thank God, but it is a huge concern for the number one property crime area in the United States.

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