Dhillon on Jerry Nadler and Don McGahn Testimony

Dhillon on Jerry Nadler and Don McGahn Testimony

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News Channel’s ‘At Night With Shannon Bream’ to Discuss Jerry Nadler and Don McGahn Testimony

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I think the judge got it correct but to the critics of the opinion, the DOJ actually made a couple of different arguments, the White House did. The court rejected one of them which is that there is an absolute immunity on that one and said, looked at the pragmatic argument that the co-equal branches of government have different ways of resolving disputes rather than running to the 3rd branch and having them play cop. This is a very fundamental ruling and it actually shows that Article 2 of the impeachment articles was also not… Exactly, it’s exactly the same thing. The president was impeached for saying, you know, “I don’t have to answer your requests.” The president was right according to this opinion.

This is a fatal blow because this issue will now, despite their en banc appeal, not going to be decided ultimately at least in their favor until the next, until past the November election. So I think they’re really out of luck but that isn’t going to stop them from trying. I believe the opinion came out after Jerry Nadler delivered his letter earlier today. It feels like Groundhog Day to Republicans. Every day it seems to be the same type of request, the same fruitless end. The president as you mentioned, does have an absolute duty to the Constitution and to the citizens to uphold the prerogatives of the office of president, quite apart from his own interests.

One thing that these members of Congress should do is actually read the Constitution. The Constitution actually would preempt any type of legislation that would purport to impose some kind of Congress override over the president’s prerogatives to do the executive application of the law which is what he has been doing. I think that, regardless of the rhetoric that is used, I know that Nadler and others are frustrated, but the president runs the Department of Justice effectively. He is the boss. The attorney general has the absolute authority to make these calls of who to prosecute, recommendations and sentencing, recommendations and whether for example Paul Manafort is housed in Rikers or some other facility which is one of the things they’re complaining about, and other issues. Now, they don’t like it, they can elect a different president but they don’t get to interfere.

Absolutely. My pleasure. Thank you.

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