Dhillon on Planned Parenthood Investigation

Dhillon on Planned Parenthood Investigation

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet K. Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss Planned Parenthood Investigation

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I think it’s completely inappropriate that these affiliates which are clinics throughout the United States that perform largely abortions violated the law. The law that put this program into place requires that the company that applied for it have to demonstrate that they have a need, that they are affected negatively by COVID. In fact, throughout the majority of the United States, most of these clinics were actually able to keep doing abortions, they were not affected, they were one of the few that were not affected and so they lied, in fact, to banks and they lied under this federal program and they should give the money back.

Many other big companies taking the politics out of it and taking the abortion out of it, a lot of big companies got their hand caught in the cookie jar. They took the money because they thought it was free and big banks give it away to them but this is a zero-sum game, to be very clear. Every one of the $80 million that Planned Parenthood took, which they were not entitled to, means tens of thousands of small businesses that are mom and pop businesses that needed that money, that was the purpose for which it was granted by the government, didn’t get it. There’s only a limited amount of money. And so that’s really what’s at stake here, Planned Parenthood took money off from the plates of people who really needed it and they should be ashamed and they should give it back, and it’s illegal.

Let me tell you how this program operated. I’m a small business owner and I went through this process. If you had a good relationship with a bank, they kind of look the other way, it’s easier to process a large contribution to an existing lender or an existing customer than a small mom and pop that maybe was standing on its own two feet and never needed a loan. That’s what happened. They took advantage of this program. And, shame on the banks too. The banks have a gatekeeper role there. They were supposed to make sure that people signed off that they needed it and they approved it, they haven’t done that. It is not just Planned Parenthood, there are some big companies that did it, and they got called out by treasury and they gave the money back. Planned Parenthood should do the same.

Well, I think there is another part of this interview, another one where he says that “if you don’t want to take the vaccine, they will grab your arm and they will jab a needle into you.” That is actually not United States law. It is correct that they can restrict you from certain activities. We’re all familiar with schools – if children are not vaccinated because their parents don’t believe in it, they can’t go to the public schools and there may be other areas where you’re restricted. But, we do have individual liberty and autonomy under the Constitution but society has some interest as well. I think it’s going to be a little dicey to expect a lot of Americans to take a vaccine that is barely tested and has just hastily been rolled out. I’m not really frankly eager to take it until a few million people take it and they don’t drop dead and then we’ll see what happens. But, it is rational to take vaccines after they have been tested. I’m not really comfortable with the way this is being pushed in that regard. It that was great for some people, young people, healthy people but if you have respiratory issues or older, you might want to wait and see how it goes.

That’s right. Happy to be here. Thank you.

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