Dhillon on Roger Stone’s Reduced Sentence

Dhillon on Roger Stone’s Reduced Sentence

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News at Night To Discuss Roger Stone’s Reduced Sentence

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

What they should be responding to hysterically is the abuse of the process of the prosecutors to seek enhancements in the sentencing guidelines that are unjustified and most lawyers are reacting to it that way.

The enhancement was because Roger Stone allegedly made these threats, “I’m going to kidnap your dog” to one of his friends when he was trying to say “You shouldn’t cooperate.”

His friend said “I was not intimidated. I did not view that as a death threat.” It was the type of hyperbole that Roger Stone is known for but the victim said he wasn’t victimized. Basically, seeking that enhancement doubled the penalty. Without that enhancement it would’ve been three to four years in the recommendation.


But beyond that, why the sentencing guidelines were ultimately made non-mandatory is because judges were allowed to sentence people based on things that weren’t proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so that’s the big problem with them. Like you said, Justice Scalia was the first to blow the whistle on that back when we were in law school.

They are huge hypocrites.

In California, we have free range criminals with our sanctuary city situation. The guy who killed Kate Steinle got zero time in jail for that and yet on the other end of the spectrum, these process crimes are being abused.

We are seeing that in the states where it is happening – New York, New Jersey, California. You are seeing criminals being let out on the street, repeat offenders. There seems to be no concern of the rights of the citizens anymore. They have it upside down. If you’re a political prisoner or a dissident here, or being treated one way, but if you’re an actual criminal killing people, you know, like it’s all kumbaya.

Thanks Laura.

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