Dhillon on Trump’s Acquittal

Dhillon on Trump’s Acquittal

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night’ To Discuss Trump’s Acquittal

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Thanks Shannon. Well, it was his best week ever so far. I think we are going to see some more best weeks ever in the years to come, Shannon. But he’s not in the middle of that trial, the trial is behind him. It’s time for reckoning, it’s time to make sure this doesn’t happen to another American again and it is time to look towards the future which is what Democrats should have been doing all these last three years if they haven’t been mired in this sham impeachment coup effort.

I’ve been in politics for over 30 years at the grassroots level. This is the biggest flaming dumpster fire I have ever seen and it’s ongoing. I do not have a stake in this other than to watch it from a distance and be thankful that it isn’t my party doing this. But they don’t risk alienating the Bernie voters, Bernie voters were pre-alienated, that’s why they sent their own poll watchers into the caucuses counted, that vote count today is illegitimate and it is not trusted by Bernie or many other Democrats and I think this bitter taste is going to follow Democrats for the next several primary contests.

The low turnout so far says otherwise.

Obviously they were. She is the queen of tokenism. I feel bad for those women, but Elizabeth Warren’s words are meaningless. It’s crazy.

Thanks Shannon.

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