Dhillon on Twitter Bit Coin Attack

Dhillon on Twitter Bit Coin Attack

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet K. Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss Twitter Bit Coin Attack

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

You should be very concerned for a number of reasons. Number one, the data hack that occurred could have happened to you, all those direct messages that you have with your friends, with coworkers, with your lawyer maybe, may have become exposed. We don’t know what these hackers did before they revealed themselves. In fact, a lot of security experts suggest that, given the access that they had, they could have downloaded all of the data that they wanted from anybody who they wanted and then sort of revealed themselves with this bitcoin thing which only generated $300,000. That can’t be the reason that they did this. This is the biggest data security breach and the most important one, in my opinion, in history but beyond that what are the implications for our election? What these shows you is, number one, that Twitter employees actually have the ability to take over users’ account and manipulate them from a dashboard. That’s one thing that’s been revealed by this hack. Another is that, by paying some money to a couple of Twitter employees, foreign powers, malicious people, the mob, criminals, can get access to your Twitter account despite your double verification, despite your password changing, all of that. So, if you have, for example, a world leader or an important politician like some of the people who were hacked, tweeting things from their account that were bellicose, that threatened a foreign country, that made outrageous claims, it could start a war. This is incredibly scary and Twitter can’t brush it off by calling it social engineering. There need to be investigations and there will be lawsuits I predict starting as soon as tomorrow on this.

Imagine that President Trump’s manipulated accounts, says we are starting bombing on Russia or we’ve decided to send a fleet of warships to China or we are going to begin a blockade or something, that is what could start terrible repercussions for America. And the same would be true with Joe Biden, the same thing.

The answer answers itself, they don’t. The problem here is that, for many years prior to COVID, the LA Unified School District and the California Teachers Association have not been about the students. They’ve been about themselves, their pensions and most importantly political power. The Teachers association is the most important and powerful political force in California. They own the Democratic Party and they can make these demands with impunity and the Democrats not laughing, they’re wondering how come they can scramble to satisfy some of these. So what we have is an eight-billion-dollar budget for the LA Unified School District, and guess what? Parents are going to have to educate their own kids at home. I’ve spoken to teachers, I’ve spoken to kids, I’ve spoken to parents in LA. They are devastated by this, and students are not going to be educated, they can do the shadow puppet online education, many kids are vulnerable, kids with special needs cannot be educated that way. A lot of kids cannot afford right now to even log on when their parents are being evicted and there is no plan for this. So it’s really a disaster. We really, as taxpayers, either should we get our money back or demand some significant reform of the Teachers union here to figure out how we can safely educate at least most of our children in California.

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