Dhillon on Origin of Mueller Investigation

Origin of Mueller Investigation

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss the Origin of Mueller Investigation

According to Dhillon:

Right. I mean, and that might be true if we didn’t have so many examples of lies of texts between FBI, senior FBI officials clearly looking to frame the president, looking to frame his advisors and looking to stir up this dirt. So the reason there weren’t any defensive briefings is because they wanted this to be true, in my opinion, and I don’t favor to Andy’s point about really believing the dossier, I’m not sure they really believe the dossier or really care if it were true. It was a weapon to use, discredit Donald Trump and it was continued to be used to discredit him even after he won the election.

So that’s why that happened and while all of this is all coming out now is exactly for the reason that Josh mention, it is to get ahead of the fact that there are going to be heads rolling on Capitol Hill because we now have a new sheriff in town and the Attorney General is clearly going to get to the bottom of this. Laws are broken. You cannot, a couple of FBI, or 4 or 10 FBI rogue agents begin running covert ops overseas and do that against American citizens. George Papadopoulos’s response to this New York Times story is that actually it was a CIA intel operation with Turkish intel and it wasn’t FBI so we actually don’t have all the answers about this.

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