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Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss President Trump

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Right. That’s right. Yeah. Now, I saw your column, I think it makes a very good point. There is so much other stuff there. To meet the standards for this statute, there are a number of definitions, there has to be a matter of some urgency. What is more likely, Gregg, is that this is a partisan effort to undermine the president from the swamp. Somebody who is probably leaking and using this as a cover to do so. We have seen dozens of examples of this in this administration’s history. So, I am looking at this accusation with a particularly bleary and jaundiced eye. I think Joe Biden and others have much to gain by changing the subject from Kavanaugh from some of these other issues and that’s what they’re doing.

Absolutely. For one thing. Hunter Biden’s deals absolutely should be investigated, it’s a disgrace that they weren’t. These people want to have it all different ways. On the one hand, they want the president to go tell Saudi Arabia what to do with its embassy staff on XY or Z issue, so it’s very much situational ethics for that. But ultimately, it’s the president’s job under system of government to communicate with foreign leaders and share his views with them. I don’t see anything problematic with the alleged question. There is no quid pro quo. And, even if, there are so many issues uncovered here.

Right. Exactly. That’s right. That’s a quid pro quo. Well, that’s a rhetorical question, we know why they’re ignoring it. They hate the president and they are willing to give a pass to anybody who criticizes him including people who are putting our national security at risk, who knows what this whistleblower is doing behind the scenes. “Whistleblower”. I don’t know, so let’s see what happens.

Of course. I mean, these people are all used to saying whatever they want to the media lapdogs who will just repeat it and extend it and cover for them. That’s what’s going on here. But increasingly the mainstream media doesn’t seem interested in the truth. And, even like digging past the analysis here, you are absolutely correct in your column. President is the head of this entire edifice of national security. He isn’t part of it. So, the whole whistleblower idea that anybody who works in the swamp can make a complaint against the president and that get a hearing in Congress over, it is silly.

Yeah. That’s right. So, not just myself, but the president’s lawyers were there in court yesterday. I argued with Justin Clark for the RNC, the California Republican party and three voters. After 2 1/2 hours of argument Gregg, we were able to convince the judge that there were potentially numerous grounds to strike this down. So, he did issue an injunction from the bench and said he was going to issue a written ruling within the next week or ten days and so we’ll see. But, it’s bad news for the governor who signed this, for the legislature that passed it, for the Attorney general that defended it, and for the Secretary of State that wanted to enforce it is really a TKO by the president and his supporters and voters of California regardless of political party. The government should not put hurdles between the citizens and candidates. They are not allowed to do that. Only the Constitution sets the qualifications for federal office.

That’s right. Qualifications, we also talked about the First Amendment and 14th Amendment, equal protection, Due Process, as well as associational rights of parties. Parties have a right to select their standard-bearer. In this case, Republican party is going to select Donald Trump. And, for a state to try to interfere with that is outrageous and unconstitutional and so we are really glad that this judge saw through all of that and that this law is not going to be going into effect by the end of November which is when the president was going to have to disclose five years of his tax returns.

Oh, beautiful place. Thank you very much Gregg.

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