Dhillon on Radical Dems

Radical Dems

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss the Radical Dems

According to Dhillon:

Absolutely. And ignore the will of the voters as well, Lou, because that’s what they’re doing here. Not only that the voters vote for Donald Trump overall but they also don’t like this impeachment talk and you know, when Nancy Pelosi is the voice of reason amongst the Democrats, I think they are in real trouble. And you know, the changing of words with regard to the spying Christopher Wray did today, that was pretty disgraceful. The FBI has been doing this in certain periods of our history. It was wrong when the FBI weaponize itself against Martin Luther King Jr and spied on him and it is wrong when they are doing it today. This is going to go down as a dark period in history for our greatest law enforcement agency.

Well, it is familiar to us though, right, Lou? James Comey, Andrew McCabe… It’s very familiar.

Absolutely, Rod Rosenstein is kind of in flipping sides there as well in the last days of his tenure but he is of the same cloth. They are more loyal to the institution than they are to the oath that they took when they joined that institution, and it is really shameful. I hope that the Attorney General will now flush these people out but they’re burrowed in deep, Lou, so I think is a pretty huge task to do that.

Well, they used these types of slights of hand and tricks with words to confuse the public and they confuse the public because they have to because Americans don’t want a secret police. They want a law enforcement agency and that is what FBI is supposed to be. We’ve seen the secret police in our country and other countries go, way into major civil rights violations. Luckily this was caught fairly early on but as far as I am concerned, there is evidence that this type of spying has continued to go on into the Trump Administration. Probably happening right now, wouldn’t surprise me.

Well, focusing on the House where I think, you know, the particularly disgraceful conduct of Jerry Nadler deserves some comment. They know that a lot of the things that they’re asking for if they were actually granted by the White House for example the subpoena to Don McGahn of obviously executive privilege materials. They know that if those were actually honored, it would be a disaster for future presidents – Democrat or Republican. It’s just a theater, they knew the president wasn’t going to allow it. He should not allow it, even if he wanted to allow it because he has a duty to the institution of the presidency, not just himself. They are playing on the gullibility of the American public which is incredibly cynical to do that. More important, they are taking up space and time when they could be actually working with Republicans on some areas of common interest. It is a real shame for our democracy.

Well, as I’ve been saying, I think we now have to look to the 2020 election and it is really critical that we begin focusing on that and when and that’s going to require being very aggressive on a number of different fronts and making sure the president and his supporters get their message out on social media and at the ballot box. So, I think that’s really where my focus is going to be for the next 18 months, Lou.

Thank you, Lou.

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