Dhillon on the Released Comey Report

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Discusses the Released Comey Report on Fox Business’ ‘The Evening Edit’

It’s totally upside down. This report does not exonerate Hillary Clinton. To the contrary, this report paints a picture of somebody who got away with what she did because the people around her, investigating her, were privately and publicly cheering for her to become the president, were corrupt and conflicted themselves, did not pursue the evidence, and repeatedly breached FBI protocols. And so, you know, there is like a host of things in this 500 page report that reflect poorly on the whole situation, but just talking about the people around Hillary, for example. Hillary was interviewed with FBI agents who were calling her, four months before the election, the president in their private texts, so they were clearly biased in supporting her. Numerous ones of them said to each other they were supporting her. She was allowed to be interviewed with her private lawyer in the room, and interviewed not under oath, and the report confirms that the FBI did not bother to go get a lot of the evidence that they should have. They did not bother to go and search, and subpoena, and hold, and investigate the personal devices of all the people around her who she would have been communicating with. It’s also the case that comes out of this report that the president, Barrack Obama, is one of the people who she communicated with. And most importantly, from Comey on down, to Strozk, Page, and numerous others, she was investigated by people who themselves were violating the very law that she was under investigation for, using private devices and insecure devices to communicate classified and private information. Now, if you have a cop, for example, who’s constantly speeding, and he pulls you over, are you going to get prosecuted for that? Or if it’s a prosecutor who is engaged in wire fraud, is that prosecutor going to prosecute you for that? Knowing that the defense is going to be, “well everybody in your department is engaging in the same crime.” So I think it actually, beyond reflecting very poorly on the FBI, it does not exonerate Hillary Clinton, it simply shows that a sham, corrupt, and incomplete investigation did not hold her liable.

Dhillon Discusses the Released Comey Report on ‘The Evening Edit’ from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

The statute of limitations is gone by and no one is talking about prosecuting her now. But one of the reasons that, you know, we now know why Comey came out and said that no reasonable prosecutor would come out and prosecute this, maybe he should have said no reasonable prosecutor outside the beltway, or you know inside the beltway, would have prosecuted this, because outside the beltway, people do think that breaking the law should be prosecuted.

His credibility is shot. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a witness, but it does mean that he’ll be impeached in the witness stand as a witness. I mean he’s clearly gone out and has rushed to promote his book before the book sales were going to tank as a result of this OIG report coming out, and admitted that people in his family wanted Hillary to win, he’s admitted that he went out and did what he did in the weeks before the election because he expected her to win. People on his team were calling her the president in the investigation, and he has been pretty much damningly indicted with the term biased and insubordinate, and so, you know, he’s a very damaged witness.

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